The Things That Fill My Heart: 38 Weeks Pregnant

I have put off doing a lot of pregnancy posts, mostly because this has been such a rough (read emotional, physically, and spiritually draining) pregnancy for me.  But I will say, at the end of each day, whether it was a hard day or a “slightly better” day, I knew in the bottom of my heart that this pregnancy is nothing but a blessing and gift.

Thank you God for this boy.  We pleaded, longed, waited, trusted….and now he is almost here.

Now I am ending my third trimester, and this trimester  has by far been the best one….and I am daily praising God for the relief and joy that has come with this last month! I am finally not sick or nauseous and have managed almost all of my “pregnancy aches and pains” with the help of herbal teas, vitamins and medications.  I am so thankful to end the pregnancy on a good note.   As I have been enjoying the last month here and really trying to soak it all in as we get ready to welcome baby boy into our life, I thought it would be fun to list all the things that I like about pregnancy.


The things that fill my heart:

People who hold doors for you…bless their hearts.

Not having to “suck it in” for 9 months.

When I take a bath, I love that I have a little island to rest the book on and I don’t have to worry it will get wet!

The wondering what baby will look like, who he will be, and the blissful dreaming of the future.

Listening to Dayla talk about and to baby brother.  It is not everyday, and I would even say that her affection to my stomach is pretty rare compared to other kids I have seen with their moms, but to me infrequency makes it feel that much more precious and true.

Stopping to think about how there is a person, a life, a little baby fresh from God’s arms growing inside me right now.

When Dayla thoughtfully picks out things when we are at the store for her baby brother…and even buying them with her own money.

Having no one balk at the strange food I want to eat…seems everyone let’s you off the hook when you are pregnant.

Knowing I have a husband who is willing to go to the store late at night to fulfill my craving.



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