Thanksgiving Trip – Part 3

The third leg of our trip was the main reason for the vacation. Ginette is the youngest of 7 and the only time they all get together is for Thansgiving at the La Playa Hotel in Carmel. This year there were 23 of us when you include Ginette’s parents, the spouses, and all the grandkids. No one is allowed to have any more kids since the room we have Thanksgiving dinner in has a maximum capacity of 23.

The hotel courtyard. This was a great spot for Dayla to run around and explore.

A close up of one of the flowers. It rained Wednesday night but was nice and clear on Thanksgiving day.

Dayla on the beach with cousin Gianna in the background, jealous of her snack.

The beach is always very popular with families and dogs on Thanksgiving day. Dayla was going nuts see so many dogs running past.

4 of the grandkids with Aunt Nicole.

The whole Senasac clan. Click on the picture to see it larger.

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Trip – Part 3”

  1. wow the clan has really grown! and everyone has babiess and they’re pretty big! your parents look great! is dayla the youngest cousin?

  2. Great family picture, thanks for taking it Daniel. (Nina- The youngest is the little guy in the arms of the dark haired daddy, mine by the way.) Dayla is so much fun!! Great to see you guys.. and everyone!

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