A New Meatball Arrives

Welcome to this world Sebastian Victor Sundin. You rolled in on a rare 8-digit palindrome day 11-02-2011, for which I am grateful. It’s important to establish nerd cred early. You also made it very clear that you would be challenging your tall father (and even taller uncle Keith) in the size department.

21.5 inches long, a 15 inch head, and a whopping 10 pounds, 11 ounces. Well played sir. Well played.

You were four days overdue so Ginette went to the hospital to make sure all was well. It turns out the amniotic fluid level was low so it was recommended to jumpstart the process with a little Pitocin. Labor started around 5pm and you popped out at a little over 10 hours later at 3:12am. Suffice to say I’m writing this with precisely zero sleep.

Dad (me) is especially thankful that your Mom was helped through the process by four amazing friends/private doulas who stayed with us through the ENTIRE process. It was clear the nurses had never seen anything like it. Several of them kept making excuses to come hang out in our room since we were the “cool kids” on the Labor and Delivery floor.

Did I mention Ginette delivered naturally with no anesthesia?

Ginette's Posse: Jen, Kristy, Julie, and Crystal. THANK YOU!

Again, welcome to this world baby Sebastian. Mom, dad, big sister Dayla, and a bevy of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends are so happy to meet you.


9 thoughts on “A New Meatball Arrives”

  1. WOWOWOWOW! That is one biggish meatball! And, big UPS to mama G for the natural process. It’s lovely to see/hear. Baby S looks perfect. Congrats to big sister, mama & daddy!

  2. Ginette, you look AHHHHHHHHMAZING! That picture literally brought me to tears. Sebastian is beautiful. Words can’t express how impressed I am with you, or how inspired. You are the biggest rock star I know. Can’t wait to meet the big little guy!

  3. Amazing Beth story!!!! Welcome to the world handsome baby Sebastian! Ginette you’re my here no epidural and pushing out a baby of this size! You go girl! God is awesome how he prepares out bodies to give birth! Xoxo!!!l love Brittany and all us Barrogas 🙂

  4. i am so excited for you all! welcome big baby boy sebastian! you are a part of a very loving family, a HUGE nurturing network of friends and family. you will always be loved!!

    i hope that you all settle in to new routines quickly and can’t wait to hold him next time i see you all!!

    blessings!! hugs!! kisses!!

  5. CONGRATS!!!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing the story. So many of us were on the edge of our seat, rooting for Ginette and Sebastian. 🙂 I LOVE that G had such a great support team! Whoo hoo!! btw, What a great blog site! 🙂 You guys are so creative! Love the name.

  6. Congratulations MaMa G! Good job well done!
    Welcome to the world and to the family you big, beautiful Sweedish meatball. Can’t wait to meet you in just 3 weeks.

  7. Great Pics- Awesome posse- Amazing feat of a natural birth! Go Ginette! You are my hero lil sister:) I was teary eyed at the picture of you and Baby Sebastian- he is so beautiful and so perfect! God is awesome and I already love your lil miracle man.. Congratulations! We love you all so much!

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