Babymoon Day 2

I got a little snap happy today and took about 150 pictures. I whittled it down to a few of my favorites and posted them below.
I won’t bore you will all details of our day but here are a few keywords: last-minute wedding tasks, rehearsal, greeeeeen, drizzly.

The most “house” looking houseboats I have ever seen

The waterway right outside our hotel is a runway for seaplanes

Our hotel

Tulips at Hatley Castle

More tulips

Right after I took this picture this statue totally came to life and started chasing me around the castle grounds. Scouts honor.

Hatley Castle

The Lertora family: John, Suzanne, and Gianna

A nephew from Greg’s side of the family

The bridesmaids at rehearsal

Dad Senasac and Danielle

Gianna getting a treat

The happy couple


6 thoughts on “Babymoon Day 2”

  1. Yeah, but you were never a scout, So I KNOW that wasn’t really true. And if you see Danielle please tell her I sent her a really cool wedding present.

  2. Really dad? It is just “really cool”? Are you stepping back from your standard phrasing of “best present ever”?

  3. Why was the day green? Are the dresses green? I noticed that both you and Ginette had green shirts on at the rehersal/dinner. That castle is AMAZING! Any wedding pics?

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