Our Answered Prayer and Prayer Request Continued…

As I drove away from the hospital for the third time in one month, I felt nothing but comfort.  It was like God was wrapping His arms around me.  My heart and mind felt still; peaceful.  If you have ever felt this feeling, you know that it is a peace and comfort that is different than any other; you know that it is a peace and comfort that words cannot describe.  I believe this is what it feels like to be covered in prayer.

To all of you out there who are praying for us and specifically for Sebastian…although these words will never be enough and can’t even begin to express my gratitude…Thank you.

I would have never guessed that in one month’s time so many pleas for prayer would be sent out, or that so many prayers would be answered.  I think that if I were to name him again I would have to find the name that means “answered prayer”.  I have never been on my knees as much as I have for this little guy, and I have never had so many answered prayers.

Thank you God.

The back story:

Sebastian was hospitalized for a UTI about 20 days ago and as a part of routine he had an ultrasound of his kidneys.  The ultrasound came back “abnormal” (he had hydronephrosis which means he had liquid around his kidneys).  We were told this was normal for a UTI, but that because he had an abnormal ultrasound he would have to be scheduled for a VCUG (to test to see if he was missing a valve causing urine to not only go down but also back up)  We were told 40% of baby’s with UTI’s are missing this, but fervently prayed and begged your prayer to be that he would not be in this 40%.

Two days ago the radiologist said, “All is well.  Everything looks normal.”

My heart leapt.  The tears welled up.  OUR PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED!!  PRAISE GOD.

Although there is a “however”.  I asked the radiologist what this meant, “Are we in the clear?”  She said to follow up with my pediatrician.  Yesterday we had an appointment with the pediatrician and she brought a “however” into our lives.  Our pediatrician noted that “there is no way he could have the abnormal ultrasound that he had (pretty bad) and a normal VCUG. There must be blockage or something else. You need to follow up with a urologist.”


The prayers that are already being answered are huge and have been met with overwhelming gratitude in our hearts.  The power of prayer is mighty.  However, as our hearts are filled with gratitude and thanks, they also long for more answered prayers.  I don’t know exactly what to ask for, but I ask for your prayers.

We have an appointment with the urologist on Monday December 5th,  and I am hoping and praying and begging God that he gives us the “all is fine”.  Whether it is a miracle (why not?!), or my pediatrician is misinformed, our hearts long to hear those words.  If we need to do further testing, we hope and pray that it can be done in this calendar year, as we have reached our insurance maximum for this year and if we go into next year the financial burden will be heavy to say the least.



Again we say a huge thank you to each and every one of you.  The outpouring of emails, calls, messages all expressing your sorrow and prayer are beyond what I could have ever imagined…your love and prayers are indeed heard and felt.

And thank you for your continued prayer for our little Sebastian.  If I could give each and every one of you a hug or a reward or a gift of some kind for each prayer sent up to God, I would.

2 thoughts on “Our Answered Prayer and Prayer Request Continued…”

  1. what a blessing that he was NOT in the 40%!! PRAISE GOD!! and i will keep praying for him and for the urologist to be able to give some definite answers about the source of the infection, and that you all would have continued peace during this time. maybe you’ll see God provide financially as well…He continues to amaze jeff and i every month as He provides for our family. blessings, friend!

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