Big Sister

She doesn’t shower him with affection every second or even every day…

…and she gets annoyed when his cry is too loud and interrupts her videos…

…but on the first day we brought him to her school, she asked me to stay so she could show her brother to all her friends…and as each 4 year old walked into the classroom, she would grab their hand, pulling even the less than excited classmates over and say “Come meet my baby brother!” with the biggest smile on her face I have ever seen.

She is not overly enthusiastic about having a baby in the house, but if you hang out with her for a couple days you will know how much she truly loves her little brother. It isn’t  inflated love or unrealistic infatuation, but what seems to be a realistic and genuine affection.  She talks to him, laughs at him, puts his pacifier in when he is crying, kisses him, strokes his head,  sings him songs, and even requests pictures with him. I love seeing her love…her genuine love and affection for the little guy…


…and I have a feeling she is going to be the best big sister in the world.

2 thoughts on “Big Sister”

  1. such a sweet way to show her pride as a big sister…to tell others about her brother! and i love the pictures of the two of them together…they look so comfortable together and so loving. it’s great to see how God is growing your family!

  2. What an awesome set of beautiful pics and another great reason to praise God for His goodness- in giving Dayla the opportunity to be the best big sister Sebastian could have, and doing it when He knew she would be ready for lil brother and be just amazing at loving him… Love God’s timing his answered prayers for you and love your love for these two beautiful children..

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