Praise and Prayer Request Again. What We Hope Is the Final Chapter.

I really feel like God continues to answer our prayers and I can’t begin to express the comfort and joy that gives me!  For all of you out there covering our family in love, phone calls, emails, messages, and prayers…..THANK YOU.  Here is our most recent update for Sebastian:


The recap/summary from today’s appointment with the urologist:  Basically the urologist said that with the 1. abnormal ultrasound (hydronephrosis) + 2. normal VCUG it could = one of three things.  (This is really similar to the news from before)  the three range from 1. all is good, that he just happened to have a UTI and all tests will come back normal, 2. condition that he could outgrow with time but would cause him to have to stay on antibiotics long term and need check ups & ultrasounds every 3-6 months, and lastly 3. he has a abnormality that could need surgery in the long term.


Feels a bit like we are at square one again, but I am re-assured that each of these tests are ruling out new possibilities/different potential problems and because God is so clearly answering our prayers along the way this news isn’t discouraging.


From here:  2 more tests.  It seems that everyone seems very nervous about just saying “all is well” cause if they take him off antibiotics prematurely it could cause more UTI’s and a kidney infection and bladder infection that can all be fatal in an infant this young.  The tests we have already done are not conclusive (they comment that it is hard to get conclusive results with his small size/young age) so we will re-test and hope and pray for conclusive results either way.  Test one is a Renal Scan, test two is another VCUG (we have already had one of these to look at the valve and there was indeed no back-flow to the kidney which is GREAT…meaning he has the valve he supposed to have, but the urologist said that the urethra looked “too big” so we need to re-test with another VCUG to look at the urethra specifically, as a swollen urethra can be a problem or symptom of another problem.)

That being said:

For Those of You Praying, This Our New Prayer Request:  That the two tests come back conclusive (no more tests please!)  And MOST OF ALL:  that all the tests on the 29th come back “normal” or “negative”!  That would be a HUGE relief and a HUGE PRAISE.  Again we know that God will take care of us and Sebastian no matter what, and that no path is the end of the world or too scary….as there are answers and healing for all (praise God for that too)…but our hearts desire is definitely for it to end on the 29th and for our little guy to get a “normal” bill of health.  =)

The biggest encouragement along the way is that God continues to answer our prayers!!!  In case you don’t know, I will shout it from the rooftops….God is SO GOOD.


Please Read and Praise God With Us for the Answered Prayers:

1.The urologist did disagree with my pediatrician…that in fact this could all just be an UTI and nothing more…that it is not necessarily the indicator of a bigger problem.




2. I told the urologist about our financial predicament and how we really wanted these tests done before the calendar year was over (for insurance and financial purposes) and he was SO KIND and sympathetic and purposefully put on the order that the tests had to be done in two weeks time so we could get them scheduled before the end of the year.  When scheduling the three appointments I had to schedule (two tests and one follow up) the receptionists I talked to each noted “wow..I can’t believe I found a spot for you!”  I can. God is awesome.  All three appointments are on December 29th.




We come to you again with what we hope is our final prayer request regarding this UTI and our Sebastian.  Again….THANK YOU for each and every prayer.  THEY ARE BEING HEARD!!!  Please say another.  Please.


4 thoughts on “Praise and Prayer Request Again. What We Hope Is the Final Chapter.”

  1. wow…PRAISE GOD for the good news that it could be nothing, for follow up tests, and in the time frame that would be best for your family financially!! such a blessing, especially since the holidays are here and so many specialist take some time off.

    i will keep praying for baby sebastian…thanks for taking the time to update everyone and for including us in this journey…it’s a blessing to see God care for you and your family!!

  2. I love it when God is so obvious and present! I, too, am thankful you are taking me on this journey with you. Waiting is hard. But much of life is waiting. And this allows us to fully depend on the Lord who leads us. Everything is completely out of your hands, yet you are being obedient. You are a blessing, Daniel & Ginette. Thank you for being a witness and example during hard times. God is in control – and NOTHING surprises Him! May He continue to comfort and guide you and Sebastian’s physicians.

  3. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers daily, all of you. We have faith and praise God for His goodness this far. Sebastian is a fighter and a gentle spirit what an amazing combination and wonderful gift to have. God IS good Netty- He is soo great! we love you and miss you 🙂

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