Baby Buddies

Four years ago when we announced at our “Young Families” bible study that I was pregnant with Dayla, I was a bit surprised when two other girls said, “Me too!”  Four babies all due within a month…and Tabby just a few months earlier (and Kaitlyn just a few months later…but not pictured below since she wasn’t born yet at the time of this shot). Going through pregnancy and then becoming first time moms together with some of my dearest friends has been a huge blessing and is something I treasure big time.

Do you remember this picture? Dayla’s crew, October 2007:

(Ellie Friesen, Dayla Sundin, Ethan Vergne, Tabitha Lindsay, Haley Higgins)

Not quite with the exact timing this time of being in the same month, but once again we got them all the same year.  As it has been so awesome for Dayla to have friends just her age (for both her and I!) I am so delighted that Sebastian will have some friends his age too!

Here is the newest clan of kiddos, December 2011:

(Elizabeth Dennis – 7 months, Samuel Friesen- 5 months, Sebastian Sundin – 6 weeks, Henry Lindsay- 8 days)

And for those keeping track…can you see the resemblance of the siblings?


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