The Higgins Visit from Austria

Some of you may remember how when I was pregnant with Dayla there were 5 other girls who were pregnant with me (Beth, Kristy, Julian, Michelle and Julie). There was also the “Four August Babies” who were all born within about a week of each other (Haley, Ellie, Ethan and Dayla). Well, about a year ago we had to (tearfully) say goodbye to one of the clan. It has been almost a year since Beth, Justin and baby Haley went to Austria. Just a week ago we were blessed with a short visit from our Austrian friends! It was a PERFECT visit…although it was too brief (a very short 2.5 days)…it was packed with fun, laughter, good food, good times, and good tears. Here are some of the pictures from our time together.
This is the babies one year ago:

This is all of us one year ago attempting to swap moms/babies (and see if the savy blog followers noticed)

The babies now!

This is us attempting to swap moms/babies again…not as successful…but pretty funny

And a nicer picture of who goes with whom

CLICK HERE to see some more fun pictures
CLICK HERE to see our trip to the San Diego Zoo together (cuteness in here…beware)

8 thoughts on “The Higgins Visit from Austria”

  1. what a great study on human nature. the little nuggets seemed to be happy just to be held, but the bigger nuggets knew they wanted mommy and mommy only!

  2. Look at all that hair Dayla has grown! 🙂 How fun for all of you! I’m glad you also posted the pic with all the correct moms, so we know the children survived the torture! (Although they do all look a bit traumatized.) Such a fun age, isn’t it?

  3. It was the Perfect visit! Thank you again for all the time and fun you spent with us! We love you three and can’t help but laugh at the current baby swap pictures! LOVE YOU! (oh, I just realized I forgot to update the whiteboard!)

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