Foundation of Love

Dayla’s love and affection for Sebastian melts my heart on a daily basis.  And it is not just one sided!  Sebastian tracked Dayla’s voice before he tracked ours.  He stops crying for her just as fast as he does for me (if not faster).   I keep waiting for the ball to drop, for her to hit him or tell me how much she doesn’t like him, but I tell you as of right now this girl has had nothing but affection for her baby brother.  I know there will probably be days to come with kicking and screaming and slamming of doors… I am not naiive, I have 6 siblings…but I think in a way that is what makes this time all the more special.  I think it is so beautiful that the beginning of their relationship is affection, joy, and love.  And on the day when he breaks her most beloved toy or she knocks down his lego tower, I hope that somehow, some way, their hearts will remember these days.  I hope they always remember that their first days together were filled with laughter and hugs.



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