We visited the doctor for a check up today and Dayla had her first eye test. Unfortunately she has less than perfect vision and the doctor prescribed her some baby glasses. Dayla is a little embarrassed by them but she is being a trooper. Scroll down to see a picture of her with her new specs.

8 thoughts on “Glasses”

  1. Hysterical!!! They actually look similar to the first pair of glasses I got in junior high – big, black & ugly. I miss my sweet Dayla Marie.

  2. I just showed Madeleine too. On her way over she said “I wanna see the talking Dayla”. After I showed her the pic she smiled and giggled and said “those are funny glasses on Dayla”.

  3. The best part about this glasses scenario was that Dayla initiated it all on her own. This was not a set up by us! Isn’t that the best? She just walked up, put them on and then ran over to show us. Just like her dad, a comedian at heart. 🙂

  4. this picture is a must for the Sundin memorial hallway!!
    A tribute to God’s sweetest design for humor in the lives of His children!!
    May we laugh all day long! xoxoxoxo LB

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