He Is Gonna Be a Soccer Player…

Recently many of my mommy friends noted that if we thought back to the baby days and toddler days of our kids, we were surprised that our children had actually displayed much of their current personalities from the beginning.  Then to top that off, today I read the story I wrote about Dayla’s birth here.   I laughed out loud as I read, “Three hours later I was still pushing my heart out, barely breathing in between each push, and still no baby to show for my efforts. I couldn’t help but joke in my head that she better not be this stubborn once she is out.”  Hehehe.   She had her first “I want it my way” tantrum at 13 months, and now we affectionately would say about Dayla that “she will choose a cause and die for it”….so um…yeah.

So although all babies who kick hard inside the womb don’t turn out to be soccer players, I thought it would be fun to share the little things about Sebastian so far.  Cause who knows?  Maybe we will be able to look back and say, Sebastian, you were always…..”

Sebastian Smiles (2 Months Old)

Sebastian is the most laid back baby ever.  He is just chill.  From going overdue (taking his time coming out of my tummy), to the way he is day to day, this boy is just the most mellow baby I have met.  During our hospital stay and doctor trips in his first couple months, doctors kept telling me “Okay, he will cry when we do _____” and then he didn’t cry.  I can’t tell you how many times I have heard from his doctors, “I can’t believe he didn’t cry!”  Just a mellow man.

Sebastian is serious. Not unhappy, just serious.  He will totally give you a smile, but it is kinda a half smile, almost a coy smile if you will, not the full giddy-as-big-as-the-world smile that Dayla gave as a baby.  There are two expressions he seems to make the most.  One that looks like he is just taking in the world around him.  An observer maybe.  And the other one is what Daniel calls his “old grumpy man who is disapprovingly looking at a teenager” face.

Left: Old Man Look / Right: Old Man Sweater and Pipe but with inquisitive look

Sebastian loves to be where the action is, but doesn’t have to be held.  If we are all in the other room and he is awake, he will cry until I come and put him where we are, then he’s good.  Then he just puts on his observer expression and we are all happy as clams.

Sebastian loves…I mean LOVES… to kick his legs.  Just like in the womb, this boy is kicking all the time.  Just the other day in the bath he figured out when he kicks the water it makes a big splash. He loved it so much he even broke a smile.


Dayla loves to help with Sebastian; an amazing big sister. This is clearly the bath before he figured out how to splash with his kicks.


So that is our little boy in a nutshell so far.  I can’t wait to see what will stay and what will go and who this little boy will grow up to be.  For now we are over the moon for him and that I am sure will never change.

2 thoughts on “He Is Gonna Be a Soccer Player…”

  1. love the development of his personality…mellow, an observer…maybe he’ll be a great listener for dayla to talk to when she needs a buddy. how fun to see them grow!!

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