Babymoon Day 4

On Sunday we visited the famous Butchart Gardens with Ginette’s parents. Apparently it is like Disneyland for gardeners and Japanese tourists. There were easily a thousand people there and a good 80% of them were non-English speaking Japanese. Go figure.
The flowers and grounds were simply beautiful. It is overwhelming to be hit with so much color. I am not sure how else to describe so I hope the pictures below will do it justice.
Later that day we caught the 5:00pm ferry from Victoria to Seattle. It was a 3 hour tour. Thankfully the weather started getting rough but our hefty ship was far from lost.
It turned into a real party boat since we got to share a table with John, Suzanne, Gianna, Dave (Nicole’s fiancĂ©), and Desley and Caroline (Danielle’s friends). Nothing kills the time like chasing a 15 month old around with wobbly little legs.

3 thoughts on “Babymoon Day 4”

  1. Gorgeous photos of the gardens….. do they still have those statues of the people taking photos?? Thats really all I remember from when I was there (well, it was 1986 and I was 7 years old).

  2. More great pics. Once again–would like a copy of the 1st one of the 3 of us around the gazing ball. Thanks

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