Play Kitchen

Whenever Dayla sees the play kitchens at church or Grandma’s house she immediately gravitates to them. She finally got one of her own.
We decided on the Red Retro Kitchen since it was small enough for our apartment, was made of wood, and matched our couch. (If you click on the link you can see I added pictures of Dayla to the product description). We’re very happy with the kitchen even though it took me a solid 3 hours of work to put it together.
Warning: the video below is 4 unedited minutes of Dayla exploring the kitchen. It is probably too much for non-family members. Scroll down to see some pictures.

12 thoughts on “Play Kitchen”

  1. Absolutely adorable. It is easy to see how happy she is. I bet she’ll be a better cook someday because of this little kitchen. I wish they’d had those when Andrea was small. Hers was fun, but not nearly as cute as this one. You all have fun!!!

  2. Matthew and I enjoyed watching the video together. He was SO excited for her when she saw her kitchen for the 1st time.

  3. Oh, Dayla looks so cute and pleased here and on the amazon pics! I put her on our wish list – maybe she and Oli will play “Iron Chef” someday. I love the how inspired Dayla looks!

  4. You can tell that she just woke up, WHO would not want to wake up to a present like that esp. NOT on Christmas! She looks so excited! Daniel, putting that free shipping to go use, AGAIN! Can Haley come over to play?

  5. Great surprise! What a sharp looking kitchen. Good job putting it together. Dayla’s going to have tons of fun playing there.

  6. should have checked out the blog to see the new kitchen before our playdate today! thanks for letting us come over and do some cooking! it was really fun!

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