Rough Night, Fun Morning

Last night was rough.
Dayla had a high fever, a mild sunburn, runny nose, teething, and was constipated. Needless to say she didn’t sleep for more than an hour at a stretch. Ginette and I tag-teamed staying up with her throughout the night and endured almost non-stop crying.
Surprisingly around 8:00 Dayla totally perked up and acted like she was never sick. Ginette slept while we we colored, watched some videos on the laptop, and played with some velcro sunglasses Dayla dug up in the back of her drawer.
Dayla rocking her baby sunglasses

Practicing for her on-stage solo with Bono

I attempted to inflate our air mattress to sleep on with Dayla last night but found it had a couple small holes in it. When I started deflating it this morning Dayla and I found a fun new way to use it.

5 thoughts on “Rough Night, Fun Morning”

  1. Have you been feeding her paint chips? That blank stare she gives the camera for the first six seconds is the reason I ask.

  2. Sounds like a Starbucks morning to me! Funny how that teething/fever thing always happens when you wanna sleep.

  3. Keith, the reason she has that stare is I had the screen on the video camera turned around so she could see herself. It BLEW HER MIND!

  4. omg so funny bono pic and the vdo
    isn’t that gnet’s alligator? i dont think she’ll be happy to see you treat it that way bc she lovessssssssss that thing. and it seemed dm enjoyed the air mattress more than dayla at times hahaha especially when adding homer and the baby
    why do girls always love toy babies?

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