Baby vs. Baby

Comparing. It is just in our nature. We compare ourselves to others….and yes…we can’t help but compare siblings to each other. Do they look alike, act alike, talk alike? I know that one of 5 girls in my family, there was a lot of comparing going on.

The whole comparing babies thing is a super fun game to me. It is good natured and a lot of fun. Wanna play?  This is Dayla and Sebastian, both just over 2 months old.

…and with Dad….

…and the smiles…

I keep saying that I think Sebastian looks a lot like Dayla, “but with a bigger nose and a bit more square shaped head”. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Baby vs. Baby”

  1. Daniel even has the same shirt on in each picture (since we’re comparing). The kids are definitely Sundins! I love the picture of Sebastian with the pipe since my Dad (Grandpa Sundin) smoked a pipe for many, many years.

  2. oh YES they do look a lot a like!! i totally see a family resemblance…the ears, the shape of the heads, the eyes…it will be so fun to see as they grow if they continue to look alike.

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