Two Year Molars = Not Happy

On most days Dayla is one of the happiest babies you will meet. She is just a lover of life. She runs with a giggle and the wind at her back, laughs so hysterically that her laugh goes silent, dances with her whole body and her hole heart, hugs with gusto, blows kisses to strangers and gets genuinely excited about every flower that she passes by smelling them with enthusiasm. I love it.
However, one of the things that has always been a tough one for her is teething. I have heard some parents say about their child, “Oh, (s)he is cranky cause of teething” and their child will be letting out a small whimper. I am not judging, I am just saying that is NOT Dayla when she teethes. I don’t know if my kid is a drama queen, or if she just has it BAD, but it is a sad day in the Sundin household when Dayla is teething. She cries from the time she wakes until the time she sleeps (if she sleeps). She tantrums at the sight of food. Under NO circumstance does she want to leave the house. And the only thing that seems to ease (note, I did not say stop) the crying is a video/movie combined with a popsicle. Now we are on the TWO YEAR MOLARS. These are a BEAST. We have had one sad little girl on our hands for a week. It got to the point that I just had to laugh at how sad she was. (AND of COURSE take a picture of it!) Next time you hear me say, “Dayla is teething today”, this is what you can picture:

8 thoughts on “Two Year Molars = Not Happy”

  1. my friend, you look so sad. These parents of ours just don’t understand how much it hurts, I’m glad yours have thought of popsicles! I hope you will be feeling better soon and grilling some steak! I love you, haley

  2. I feel for you guys. That description sounds like you could have been talking about Taryn. Every tooth came in painstakingly one at a time. Just remember, “This too shall pass.” If it’s any help – Kendra’s teeth all came in without much distress at all, so maybe your second child will be the opposite! 🙂

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