April has been some exciting times!

The month of April has kept us super busy!! Some of our excitement includes new babies being born (our friends have brought 3 more newborns into the world in April!), a Garden Planting Party, our first Passover party, Easter, Easter egg hunts galore, Carlsbad Flower Fields and overall just some wonderful days with Dayla. It is some blessed times! I was going to do a GIANT sized post and download it all at once, but then I thought, “what is the fun in that?” So I am just going to try a do a post a day for a few days. Are you READY? 🙂
To start things off, THE GARDEN PARTY!
Earlier this year our friends Ben and Julian (and Ellie and new baby Lucy) built a chicken coop to house their very own chicken! All of their “city bound” (apartment bound) friends were very jealous of this new joy. So they decided to invite all of us to join in on the fun. (What great friends!) In the beginning of April they hosted a “Garden Party” where we all helped the toddlers plant some new plants in their garden and welcomed some new chicks to the coop. It was blast!
I asked Dayla “Where is the chicken?”

Ready to plant!

Yzzy and the chicken

Watermelon break with Dad.

Planting with Mom.

Tabby and Ellie

The Planting Crew!

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3 thoughts on “April has been some exciting times!”

  1. This sounds like it was SO much fun. I love that Dayla wore a bib for the watermelon but it didn’t matter 🙂 Isn’t that always the case! (Ellie’s hair is too funny in the pic with her and Tabby) We can’t wait for tomorrows pictures!

  2. What great memories you’re creating for Dayla! It looks like everybody was having a good time “out in the country”.

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