Babymoon Day 5

Alright…Ginette here….now that I am relaxed in Seattle I want my turn to talk about our trip!
So day 5 was our first day in Seattle which was really the beginning of our vacation. Time to discover new things and relax. First thing on the agenda was Pikes Place Market. I have heard several stories of how great this place is and the Market did not let me down! We got there with Suzanne, John and Gianna just as the Market was opening. We were there before the swarms of tourists infected the place which not only gave us amazing photos ops, but also made us feel like locals.
Pikes Place has this amazing vibe that is hard to describe and hard to capture on camera. It has a feeling like the farmers markets and piers in San Francisco and other cities I have been to, but lacks in the snobby or frustrated merchants who are there for the money, not the joy. The merchants here are many…one place for cookies, one place for cheese (check out the picture…they make their own cheese!), a place for doughnuts, cheesecake, fish, juice, flowers, fruit, etc. You name it. But every merchant we encountered was very mellow, having fun at their job and of course not afraid to have fun with you!
We started our journey with a pop in to my “mothership”. That’s right. The very first Starbucks. Not too flashy or amazing, but I had a moment of joy and awe when I walked in. Then we got fresh doughnuts (these were phenomenal!), visited the famous Pikes Place Fish Company (they throw fish back and forth to each other. I am not talking about the fish you buy in the grocery store…but really BIG fish), journeyed on to find Daniel’s favorite TV icon, shopped some stores (yum cheese), got some breakfast, visited flowers and fruit and all stands you can imagine and then got pooped…and headed back to our hotel.
What a great beginning to our time in Seattle! I am hoping that we definitely go back one more time to soak it in before we venture home.

6 thoughts on “Babymoon Day 5”

  1. sounds like you guys are having fun! daniel i forgot how great your photography is! they are wonderful! was wondering when i gey my new place if i could print some up and show them off in my new home. baby meatball of course looks nice and warm in your jacket! and it’s funny how dm’s outfit is similiar in color to homer’s, like he planned the entire thing! g-net your parents look wonderful! your mom is the exact way i remembered her with her hair! i need to call them! and your dad is looking great. the caste was amazing! what a busy turkey day this year huh? i’m always thinking of you!
    your favorite nina

  2. Don’t forget to eat some Turkish delight like in the Narnia. The lady that works there is awesome too! It’s a couple of doors down from the OG Starbucks.

  3. It’s been a few years since we’ve been there but your pictures bring back a lot of memories. It’s just like we remembered it. Have you taken the underground tour yet? It’s very interesting. There’s a neat amusment park in Seatle too–there are a pair of owls who live there. If you’re lucky the carosel operator will tell you about them. Love,Aunt Pat

  4. I don’t know why but it cracks me up for some reason that all of the fish have their mouths open. It looks like they are all about to start a sing along.

  5. I’m so glad you’re having such a fun time! I can’t wait to see the full slide show when you get home.

  6. umm dm
    i need another baby meatball update! what’s going on it’s almost june and no update!!!! this is llike watching a soap and then it’s friday and i have to wait until monday!!! arghhhhhh

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