Dayla’s First Easter Egg Hunt

I know that I have talked about them before, but I’ll share again. I am blessed every Monday when I hang out with a group of truly “awesome moms” (also, coincidentally the official name of our play group!) They are a blast. They are kind. They understand when my kid needs to leave kicking and screaming. They bless me and make this world of motherhood not feel so overwhelming.
The Monday before Easter we had a egg hunt with all of the kiddos. It was so chaotic….I mean cute, it was SO cute. Much to my surprise, Dayla, the girl who loves to pick things up and put them in her bucket, the girl who has no problem being first at all she does, had NO interest in picking up the Easter eggs on the ground. She just patiently watched as the other kids rushed around. Without any hesitation Dayla’s good friend Yzzy shared some of her eggs. THAT was TOO CUTE. Thanks Yzzy. 🙂

Yzzy shares her eggs with her friend Dayla

Dayla excited about her basket!

Ben and Abby share a swing!! (don’t worry they are family, they love to share!)


Hannah found a yo-yo in her egg

Abby shows some of her finds

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4 thoughts on “Dayla’s First Easter Egg Hunt”

  1. It’s so great you have this group, and that the kids (mainly girls) have a clique of friends for life. I always found it lonely being by myself. Dayla is so lucky! Loved Dayla’s solo and Ellie’s pic. Yzzy has her mommy’s eyes! ( I clicked to see more but not that many more)

  2. How lucky you are to have such a caring group of mom friends! And their kids seem to be the same way. Always enjoy your adorable pictures. Thanks, Aunt Pat

  3. I LOVE Dayla’s dress, she’s so stinking cute =) Isn’t it funny when kiddos refuse to do something they usually love to do haha!! It cracked me up reading you post on how Dayla didn’t want to pick up any eggs. That was so cute of her friend to share with her =)

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