Carlsbad Flower Fields

A blur of radiant, exquisite color catches my eye as I zoom down the freeway. I turn my head. I feel a rush of joy and peace as I witness God’s magnificent paint brush. He is good at it.
We have lived in San Diego over 10 years now and every year, sometime between March and May the Carlsbad Flower Fields are in bloom. The best part is that you can admire their glory without even getting out of the comfort of your freeway zipping, air-conditioned, music flowing chamber of a car. And truthfully, I never thought I had to leave the car. This year though Dayla and I were treated by Daniel’s mom to enter. And it was magnificent. Not to mention a photographer’s dream. And Dayla has a blast. What could be a better day then that?

We went on a “tractor ride” to view the fields

Grandma, James, Dayla and baby Violet

For 60 years these fields have grown nearly 50 acres of Giant Tecolote Ranunculus

The playground had cute buildings restored from an old “Santa’s Village”

More flowers. But seriously, they are beautiful, right?

9 thoughts on “Carlsbad Flower Fields”

  1. Those are breath- takingly GORGEOUS! God is a magnificent artist! And your capturing the images of the beautiful children and flowers shows off your amazing talents as an artist as well!! xoxo

  2. Absolutely beautiful, I’m with Kristy!! I would totally hang one of these on my wall =) Dyla is so adorable too! I bet she had a blast. I’ve lived here my whole life and never once have I been there, I have to take my family =)

  3. Daniel & Ginette, I SO enjoy your blog and your willingness to share your lives with any of us who care to watch it through this little “window” you have given us. It is so much fun to feel like we are participating in your experiences and to watch Dayla (and sometimes James & Violet too!) grow. And Ginette, you may want to think about expanding your business – I would gladly buy some of your prints of those flowers! In the 12 years I lived in San Diego I never ventured off the freeway to visit the flower fields. I always wanted to. It’s nice to see you have taken advantage of your opportunity. I plan to make sure I go there when I get back to San Diego! 🙂

  4. It makes me so happy when others enjoy the Flower Fields as much as I do. It’s definitely worth seeing at least once by all flower lovers. Next year Violet will be running around with James & Dayla.

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