Tabby Turns Two

It is hard to say that Dayla has a “best friend”. I mean, she has so many wonderful friends that she plays with all the time, almost every day. I truly believe that she loves them all very much and that each one holds a special place in her heart. BUT if we had to go with labels…there is one friend that Dayla asks to see almost everyday. First thing when she wakes up she will often say, “Tabby?” as if to ask, “Will we see Tabby today?” She sure does love her friend Tabby. No, she won’t let her hug her… and when playing will often push her away…but at the end of the day if you asked Dayla who she wants to see tomorrow she would probably say, “Tabby”.
Tabby turned 2 almost a month ago and we had the pleasure of going to her birthday party a couple weekends ago. Here are the pics:
The 2 year old!

Kristy, Jeff, Tabby and new baby Charlotte

The girls in their dresses. Top to bottom: Kaitlyn, Ellie, Tabby, Dayla

Olivia (Her mom and I volunteer together on Thursdays!)

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6 thoughts on “Tabby Turns Two”

  1. You truly are gifted, Ginette! You captured some beautiful moments! That is a great family portrait of your friends, and I LOVE Dayla’s ladybug dress!

  2. how did you get all those girls to sit still while you took a picture? and it’s a great picture too! you truly have a gift!
    it’s nice to see pictures of the party and i am so sad that i missed it!

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