SLO Trip

Last weekend we took a trip up to San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles to see my Mom’s side of the family and celebrate the marriage of my cousin Katy. The reception was at my Aunt’s beautiful ranch where we visit each year before Thanksgiving. Dayla got to hang out with the Sundins and Cavers as well as some relatives she had never met before. We had a blast and it was great to see family we haven’t caught up with in a long time.

Aunt Kristy got Dayla and Violet matching dresses

Showing off in the sun

The Sundin/Caver Family

The reception was set up outdoors in beautiful weather

Aunt Amy had blackberry bushes which Dayla went nuts over. She must have eaten 100… many of them ripe.

Lots of land to roam on

Dayla is scared of her Uncle Keith. Not sure why.

She had a blast with her 2nd cousin Logan who is only 10 days older

She didn’t really understand the bike but liked sitting on it

James thoroughly enjoyed his dessert

The next day, we hung out at the same park my parents used to go to when they attended Cal Poly

Grandma and Violet

James loving life

7 thoughts on “SLO Trip”

  1. I always considered James/Dayla are 3rd cousins to Logan. Logan being your second cousin. Until I found this Only thing though we never used the term removed when discussing cousin math. I do not think anyone else will care but growing up in my family I would often try to figure out how the heck I am related to so many people.
    Thanks for the post and the photos.
    Simon C.

  2. Such fun pictures! The girls look adorable in their cute dresses, and James licking the plate made me laugh out loud! Great to see your family!

  3. G-great bracelet and flower! You look beautiful! Love the pic of d in the sun and esp the one of James, man, he looks so grown up!

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