Dayla’s Photoshoot

You would think that since opening the Sundin Photography business that we would be constantly practicing photoshoots with Dayla. It is not true my friend. I know. I too am surprised. I have been wanting to do a legit “photo shoot” with Dayla for a while, but it is harder then you think to be both parent and photographer.
Well today I went to “scout” a location that I am doing a photo shoot at tomorrow and I am PLEASED to say that all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place (and I was able to snag a couple photos!) Dayla woke up and wanted to wear a dress, a clip, we went to a great location, had good lighting, and best of all a happy toddler. Here are the two I snapped.

8 thoughts on “Dayla’s Photoshoot”

  1. What a beautiful girl in a beautiful picture! She does look so girly and grown up! I love how her hair is growing with the curls in the back. Looks like a very cool location- can’t wait to see some more pics from the photo shoot there.

  2. I heart little Dayla. She’s a super cutie and you two are so blessed to have this little angel in your lives.

  3. really, you only took two of that cutie??? i think i would be tempted to fill up an entire memory card if h let me put a clip in her hair and if k would actually look at the camera. you must have great patience to be a photographer!
    it was great seeing you today. see you around!

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