Babymoon Day 6

On Tuesday we visited the refurbished Seattle Cinerama Theater which is across the street from our hotel. The inside of the theater is very classic with lots of red velvet, a large balcony, and 800+ seats. For the 3:30pm showing of Grindhouse there were about 12 patrons.
It wasn’t cramped.
Later that evening we grabbed an awesome dinner at the Cheesecake Factory with one of the many gift cards that Ginette has been hoarding (thanks Erin!). Downtown Seattle is reminiscent of the Gaslamp in San Diego except it is a lot colder and there are a lot more hippies.
After dinner we went to a Bright Eyes concert at the Paramount Theater. The Paramount has a very classic feel with ornately decorated walls and ceiling installations. It was an odd juxtaposition sitting in the balcony of a formal theater for a rock concert while a bunch of screaming teenagers loudly professed their love for the lead singer, Conor.
We enjoyed the concert although I have to admit the acoustics weren’t the best. The slower songs sounded good but the louder numbers were really just a wall of noise. I believe there was just too much happening on the stage. In addition to Conor on guitar (or keyboard) there was an orchestra (2 violins, 2 flutes, and 2 cellos), an electric bass, a steel guitar, another keyboardist (who also occasionally played the trumpet), and 2 punk rock asian chicks on matching, full drum sets.
It was a little overwhelming.
As soon as the concert opened the sky opened up (again) and we had to make a run back to the hotel. Thankfully rainy weather means warmer weather here in Seattle. When the clouds clear out the cold comes in. Yeesh it’s cold.
San Diego better still be warm when we get back.

View of the Cinerama Theater from our hotel balcony.

The Paramount Theater ceiling.

The Paramount Theatee marquee.

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  1. Hi Guys. I just checked out all of your days 1-6 pictures. They are so much fun, and what a beautiful wedding! See you soon.
    Juli and Ben

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