San Diego Fair

Dayla and I hit the San Diego Fair this morning along with our friends Jeff and Tabitha. The dads did pretty good considering we had no feminine support. We checked out the livestock, the photography exhibit, cruised by the rides, and had a couple orders of Australian battered potatoes (with nacho cheese). Dayla spent most of the time just staring agape at all the people, colors, and noise. Here are a few pictures from our brief adventure.
This is Rock-It the Robot. He’s like a 9-foot tall theme park character. He saw me taking his picture and posed.

A clown band

Fair food. The Zuccini Weeni and Deep Fried Frog Legs were new this year

I want to get the same haircut as this Alpaca

There was an impromptu Michael Jackson memorial in the music pavilion. Jeff is a big MJ fan and left this note.

We wandered out of the photo exhibit into the seats used for horse racing. There was no one around so Dayla and Tabby got to run around for a while.

I admit I asked Dayla to hug Tabby. I was surprised she actually did it.

The seats weren’t clean. I’m sure Dayla gave Tabby a dirty back in that hug.

This guy was actually working on the ride while people were on it and it WAS IN MOTION. Jeff and I were flabbergasted.

Fair lemonade isn’t that great but the heat outside made it delicious.

There was a band playing so Dayla and Tabby had to get their groove on.

5 thoughts on “San Diego Fair”

  1. I want more…MORE! What is more important than entertaining your family and friends w/ your exploits and discoveries?

  2. I am SO missing the “Del Mar” Fair! Thanks for sharing your visit with us. And also for posting what the new foods are this year. That’s always one of the things I most look forward to there. I especially loved the Krispy Kreme Chicken Sandwich the year it was featured.

  3. omg that looked fun! and these look just as great as the photo shoot, although I thinkyouguys should identify who’s writing as i first though Gnet was hanging out with Jeff when i realized it’s DM! but Dayla and the lemonade, omg so cute and i liked looking at the festival food

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