Hume Lake Vacation

We had another great trip up in Hume Lake this year with the Sundins, Cavers, Colliers, and Woodwards. Biking, Canoeing, Settlers Playing, Disc Golf, and lots of food were all on the agenda.
The most eventful part of the trip was when Dayla figured out she could hoist herself out of her crib, open the door of our room, and walk down the hall to find us in the game room. It was surprising to say the least. Thankfully she didn’t wander out into the woods.
James and Simon in the Lake

Wanna cracker?

Papa in a canoe

Dayla wasn’t sure what to think of the canoe but she was a trooper

4th of July parade of Hume locals

The littlest parade entrant

There were many more people in the parade than actually watching it so we got lots of candy thrown at us. We let Dayla collect as much as she wanted then quietly disposed of it when she wasn’t paying attention.

Violet the cowboy

Hold hands when crossing the street

My favorite picture from the whole trip. James love his cousin Dayla and especially likes riding in the bike trailer so he can put his arm around her.

Notice the matching dresses made by Grandma

James and Papa

During meal times, Violet had a special spot in the middle of the table

I made this picture extra big so you could see Ginette at the bottom of this giant Sequoia.

6 thoughts on “Hume Lake Vacation”

  1. The trick to the giant tree photo is that your wife is tiny! 🙂
    P.S. Beautiful job on the dresses, Grandma!

  2. The July 4th parade reminds me of he old Danville parades.
    :You’re haaving so much fun, makes me wish I could be there.
    Glad you’re having a good summer!

  3. does ginette have a matching dress too? i love matchy outfits 🙂
    looks like you all had a fun time, and we’re glad you guys are back!

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