I’m a big sushi fan. That isn’t saying much in California since pretty much everyone likes sushi. On our street alone there at least 5 sushi restaurants. The problem is that sushi is expensive and I like to eat lots of it. Thankfully I found a great place to buy sashimi grade fish which allows me to make my own sushi at a fraction of the price. I’ve made it enough times that my sushi actually resembles the kind they serve in restaurants although nowhere near as pretty.
Dayla likes copying everything we do and has gotten a bit of a sushi habit herself. I take sushi rice and squish it into little balls that she can dip into her own soy sauce. Tonight we gave her a Philadelphia roll to work on. She promptly tossed the fish aside and dug out little fingerfuls of the cream cheese like a dog going after marrow. We had to take it away from her when she started picking the individual pieces of rice off the seaweed wrapper and making a huge mess.
Another first tonight was Dayla’s earnest effort to use chopsticks. She didn’t really understand how they work but I don’t fault her. I didn’t get chopsticks until I was 25.

2 thoughts on “Sushi”

  1. Yay for little sushi girl! Yum! (Good job with the chopsticks, Dayla, you’ll have it mastered in no time- long before Dad did.) Very fun and so cute!
    PS- Her hair is getting so much longer and looks adorable!

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