Happy 2nd Birthday’s!

One of the things we put on the top of our “blessings list” time and time again is our wonderful Young Families group at our church. Not only do we all have kids the same age, going through some of the same challenges in life, but that group is our support and has some or our dearest friends.
This year for Dayla’s second birthday we decided it was one of the only birthdays that we could make it low-key and not a big ol party. She is past the monumental “1st Birthday” and not quite at the “I want the day to be all about ME” birthdays. So we decided to do a joint birthday party with the other August birthday kids from our Young Families group (Dayla, Ellie, and Yzzy all turned 2). It was a small celebration, with a small guest list and no party hats, but it had cake! It was a wonderful day. Here are some of the pics:

We did a “picnic” theme…so there were ant cupcakes…

…and ants (of course)…and picnic basket party favors!

The Birthday Girls!

Dayla is a normal child…and enjoys cake.

More picture here

6 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday’s!”

  1. Happy Birthday girls!!! So sorry we couldn’t make it to your big day!! I hope you all had a super fun birthday!

  2. What a happy day that was! Three pretty little girls celebrating their birthdays together. Loved the pictures of the babies on the lounge chair in the “more pictures here” section.

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