30 Years Calls for Two Parties

30 never really scared me. I have a wife and daughter who I love, a job that challenges me, and I live in San Diego. Asking for anything else is just greedy.
Because of that I didn’t feel the need to drink myself blind or jump out of an airplane to prove I still got it. Other family members may feel differently but it’s not my place to judge.
Since my birthday fell on a Thursday, and we were at the tail end of a busy month of celebrations, a low key day with no work and spending time with the family seemed the way to go. The 3 of us cruised up to Encinitas for a casual breakfast at a great little hole in the wall. After that we drove down PCH and hung out briefly on the beach at Del Mar (pictures below).
After Dayla’s nap our friends Rob and Julie babysit Dayla and we got to catch dinner AND a movie. I think this is the first time in 2 years we’ve been able to do that in San Diego. Throughout the day Ginette surprised me with several little presents; a couple books and gift cards to Starbucks and Chipotle. I made out pretty well.

Dayla being silly at breakfast. Between the salt and pepper shakers and packages of Knott’s jam she actually stayed in her seat.

At the beach. Momma and Dayla rubbing noses

Me kissing Dayla.

… and then we rub it off. Like men.

So that’s it right. 30th birthday come and gone and a pleasant time was had by all.
Not so fast.
My buddy Jason had emailed me earlier in the week asking if we wanted to come over for dinner at his place on Saturday night. We do this frequently so it didn’t seem suspicious. When we arrived the whole place was decorated and a bunch of my guy friends were there. Wow! Ginette had planned a surprise poker night/birthday party. The funny thing is Ginette thought I had figured the whole thing out days earlier and she was convinced I was just humoring her by being surprised.
You got me babe. I had no idea.
It was truly a guys night. There was plenty of beer and Jack. No wives or kids. And the snack table was stocked with all my favorites. For decorations, Ginette made cupcake toppers (see below) out of my recent Facebook status updates. It’s a bit of an odd way to define the “theme” of a person but I can’t argue with her logic.

Thanks to everyone who helped set up the party (liars), to all the guys who showed up, and to everyone who wished me well with cards, calls, emails, and yes… responses to my shameless request for comments on my Facebook page. Love you all.

8 thoughts on “30 Years Calls for Two Parties”

  1. Your day looked and sounded like it was FANTASTIC!! Happy 30! years!!!!
    from one of your “fans”
    p.s. what a cool wife u have!

  2. That was one of the best posts.. started off so sweet and fun with adorable pictures! (Rubbing off the kisses is hilarious!)
    And then, Bang! A big ‘Daniel’ celebration, guy style, with ‘Daniel’ wit and humor as the main topic- what a blast!! Glad your 30th was a memorable one, just like you!

  3. The best part is me having my dad jump with me to see if he still had it. It looked like you had a good time. Some time we need to do the combo Dad kid birthday bash. We might have to do a tour to keep the fans in LA and SD pacified.

  4. Aww dayla and the salt and pepper shaker was cuteee…no wonder you didn’t pick up when i left my vmail! i thought you’d be at work! love the surprise! i can see it was decorated so manly, aww my lil gnet is so thoughtful!

  5. I’m just so happy that none of your Whittier family spilled the beans about your surprise party. Aren’t you proud of us for keeping it a secret? I loved the picture of you & Dayla rubbing off your kisses!

  6. happy bday (a little late). it sounds like a fun time all around! jeff was sad to miss the man party, but he was a groomsmen in his brother’s wedding. we owe you a beer and a couple hands of poker 🙂

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