Our Little Ballerina

She loves to dance.  Graceful, poised, and with a bit of flare.  I thought certainly she would love to take a ballet class with the amount of ballet that gets danced around our home.  And she actually DOES WANT to take a ballet class, that was until she heard you have to wear your hair up.  But like any other mother, I just figured that the desire for the class would eventually outweigh the desire for the hair to be down. I was wrong.  Our girl knows what she likes and sticks by it.  So the dreams of having a little ballerina daughter had drifted away to almost a distant memory.
Fast forward to the beginning of this week.  Dayla’s friend from school Katelynn mentioned that she was going to take a ballet class at our local Poway library.  “WHAT?!  This is NEW?”  Yes, it was new. And the best part, no rules.  Or as Dayla said, “Mom, I have to listen to the teacher’s rules of course…but no rules about HAIR.”






So we went.  Tutu, leotard, flip flops, and hair down.   Katelynn (who is the perfect balance to Dayla) encouraged her the whole time (to not be shy) and Dayla encouraged her back (to listen to the teacher).  The absolute perfect scenario.  It was the best.  She loved it and I was in mama heaven for those 45 min.  I am so proud of my little ballerina…who of course (according to this proud mama) was the best in the class.

We will plan on going back again next month for sure!

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