Babymoon Day 7-9

It has been a week since we have been back from our wonderful vacation, but we couldn’t leave you hanging wondering how we spent our last few days.
Day 7
We had another big day on Wednesday. Here are the higlights.

  • Experience Museum Project – The most interesting museum I have ever been to. I was most impressed by the number of things this museum chose not to show. They never claimed to be the definitive record of all things rock and roll. They just picked a few things and did them really well. Particularly interesting was the Hip Hop history exhibit appropriately titled “Yes, Yes, Ya’ll”.
  • SFM
  • – Science Fiction Museum. Ginette’s thoughts: “Really? A whole museum for this?” Daniel’s thoughts: “This is cool. I should read more science fiction.”

  • Olympic Scultpure Park
  • – Brand new to Seattle, this is a cool little park with sculptures decorating a beautiful hillside. We didn’t get to visit all of it due to our movie date though.

  • Big Picture
  • – Okay, I have to talk about this experience. We were attracted to going to this movie theatre because we thought it would be fun to go to a one screen, small, local theatre. At three in the afternoon we walked into the lobby of a restaurant, followed questionable signs reading “Big Picture” down a back set of stairs into a basement only to arrive to one of the coolest movie going experiences. The basement is covered in plush red velvet and bamboo, a full bar to the right, tables and couches to relax in to the left and dim lighting to set the movie theatre mood. We were greeted by a friendly man in a suit and tie, “Are you here for your private screening?” We chatted with the gentleman only to find out that afternoon’s are very slow, but that he would be happy to serve us any beer or cocktails we wanted (and if we wanted refills during the movie he would happily serve us at our seats) and he had also just made a fresh batch of popcorn if we would like to partake. So we grabbed a beer (water for Ginette), popcorn and headed into our very own private screening of “Hot Fuzz”. Just moments later our new friend lit candles to set the mood, made some jokes and started our movie. No previews, no annoying people, just our feet up enjoying a beer in our very own movie theatre. What a cool day.
    Day 8
    The last day in Seattle. We decided to revisit our favorite spots and then end the vacation with a very nice dinner in the top of the Space Needle. We heard that the Space Needle was a fun view and that the food was overpriced…but you’ve got to treat yourself when you are on vacation right? We indulged ourselves with a goat cheese tart appetizer, fancy salad, crab cake, lobster pasta and topped it all off with slice of tiramisu. One amazing view, two hours and $150 later we walked back to our hotel knowing we ended our vacation in just the right way!


    Another sculpture with the Space Needle in the background

    Me with a beer at the movies

    Space Needle

    Badly stitched panorama of Seattle. I took a picture every few minutes during our revolving dinner. (Click the picture for a larger version)

4 thoughts on “Babymoon Day 7-9”

  1. I LOVE the Sutter Home “popcorn bucket” – that is too funny! Great movie theater story – we’ll definitely have to check it out next time we’re in town. You trendsetters you…
    glad you had so much fun on your babymoon!

  2. Can you tell me where this Big Screen Movie Screen Theatre is? I would love to take Jeff and Josie there when we visit this summer. It sounds wonderful!

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