Babyween III

As has become our tradition we spent Halloween at the Friesen’s house with many, many little ones. There was a myriad of cute costumes as always. This year we did a little trick or treating which was a new thing. Dayla didn’t exactly understand what was going on but she liked hanging out with Mom, Dad, and all her friends.

Each year we’ve taken a picture on the same couch of Dayla and her friends. The lineup isn’t always the same but it is fun to see them grow.
2007 – Yzzy, Tabby, Ethan, Ellie, Dayla
2008 – Ellie, Kaitlyn, Tabby, Dayla (she was off the couch 3 seconds later)
2009 – Tabby, Ellie, Kaitlyn, Dayla (again, she was off the couch 3 seconds later)

Noah’s ark with a pair of giraffes

Our group costume. Can you guess what we are? Dayla’s cousin James let him borrow a lion costume so we built around that.

The whole group

Dayla claiming her prize from her first ever trick or treat. She was so excited to get M&Ms (A full bag!) that she left her bag at the door.

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3 thoughts on “Babyween III”

  1. Love, Love, Love the comparison pictures. I guess we can’t be that sad to miss out since we didn’t come the very first time either! They are growing SO fast! Love that Dayla traded her whole bag for the M&M’s but if it was her first stop she really was making the better deal, an empty bag?

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