A Journal of Words

I can’t help but want to continue to record the things Dayla is saying. She is getting SO many words these days and is now talking pretty much non-stop. Her words have grown into sentences and sometimes even paragraphs. I think the best part about this stage is that some of the things that come out of her mouth are just so darn cute! So I have to share a few more of my current favorites.
Recently Dayla has been open to trying new foods again. This is especially fun now at the grocery store because she is noticing new foods for the first time too. Last week she looked at the radishes for the 3rd week in a row, and then pleaded, “Mama, can I ry rad-wishes please?” My favorite thing is actually the little routine she has once she has convinced us she is really going to try the new food. Usually she asks if she can try it, then she will take a lick of the outside of whatever it is (note, a LICK, not an actual bite), and then exclaim, “I wike it!”
Another regular behavior that has come with her new verbose personality is singing. She will request that the radio in the car can be turned off so that she can sing (one time for an entire hour!). Sometimes we can recognize the songs, but sometimes they are definitely made up songs. Don’t try accompanying her though. She prefers to be a soloist. The other thing that Dayla does (that I think is hilarious) is when a song comes on the radio/CD/tape that she hasn’t heard in a while she will say, “Oh this song.” then continues with a “um huh.” as if still thinking about the song. Many times at the end of the song she will request to hear it again, ” Again mommy, I wike it.”
I am also really enjoying that she is just taking in and understanding so much more. She knows her dad works at the PETCO office (“not the store”). She knows that Fresh and Easy is where we get “new snacks”. She knows Starbucks is where “mom gets coffee and Dayla gets juice”. She knows her mama “likes to take pictures”. She likes to tell us what she likes and likes. She has even snuck out a few (un-prompted) “I wuv you!” which melts our hearts (although we have heard her tell her doll many times too). And so much more. Just offer to take her on a car ride and see how many things she will take delight in pointing out to you and telling you all she knows about it.
Here are two pictures after a recent trip to the dollar store. We let Dayla pick out one thing. Best $1 we have ever spent!
Day1, fresh from the store:

Day 2, as soon as she woke up in the morning it was the first order of business, “wings mama?”

6 thoughts on “A Journal of Words”

  1. I’m so glad you’re documenting her verbal growth. She will love hearing about it when she’s older. What a beautiful granddaughter you gave us!

  2. I love reading about dayla, and i always post a comment. because i’ve never met dayla, but i’ve grown to love her. because i love her mom. and i’m sad because i just realized i haven’t seen gnet since dayla was born:(

  3. What a sweet angel you have. I’ll bet that she and my great granddaughter would have fun together! Keeley is 2 and a half.
    Love, Aunt Pat

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