Thanksgiving 2009 – Part 1

For Thanksgiving this year I took the entire week off work. I’ve been at PETCO long enough that I have quite a bit of time off saved up which is great.
On Saturday morning Dayla and I took the train up to visit my folks in Whittier. Dayla LOVES being at Grandma’s house, playing with all the different toys, watching new cartoons, and just generally having fun. I like eating out practically every meal.
I usually get recruited to do some sort of computer work while I’m up there but I really don’t mind. I think the ample dining out on my parent’s dime more than makes up for it. This time I helped my Dad build a blog for his real estate business. The website isn’t ready yet but here are a few pictures I took for it. If you’re looking for real estate in the Whittier area, Steve Sundin is the man to call. Those wrinkles equal experience!

I wanted to get a shot of Whittier from the foothills for my Dad’s blog. It didn’t turn out exactly like I wanted so this won’t be on his website but I figured I could post it here.

On Tuesday morning we headed up the coast. Along the way we stumbled across this awesome park right by the beach in Santa Barbara. It was a challenge dragging Dayla away.

We stayed at a killer hotel in Monterey Tuesday night called Hotel Pacific. I’m always a little nervous booking a place on the Internet sight unseen so getting this place was a relief. There was a Farmer’s Market right outside our door and we gorged on just picked strawberries and raspberries.
Our room was massive and Dayla had a rocking time running in circles, jumping on the bed, hiding under tables, and just being a kid. “Funny faces” is one of her new favorite games as you can see in the picture below.

Wednesday morning we played in a park right on the Monterey peninsula. It was windy and cold but breathtakingly beautiful. The funny face fascination continues.

See the bird? Dayla does.

We pretended we were on a Dora the Explorer adventure and we had to climb “tall mountain” for our next task. Dayla ate it up.

It broke Dayla’s heart when we told her that wasn’t a real boy.

More to come as we continue with our Thanksgiving vacation. Hope yours is going great.

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  1. All the pictures were fabulous. I love that park in Santa Barbara! So glad you found a great hotel in Monterey. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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