Dancing Like No One is Watching

One of Dayla’s good little friends now is Kaitlyn. This has been a growing relationship to be honest; as Kaitlyn gets a kick out of antagonizing Dayla (mostly since Dayla is the only kid who melts down if someone else does something she doesn’t like). Kaitlyn’s mom and I at first thought this was HILARIOUS. That Dayla reacted so intensely to small acts, and that Kaitlyn obviously likes the reaction so much she keeps doing it! It makes us laugh!
As Kaitlyn and Dayla hang out more though, they are learning about each other and starting to understand their relationship. They seem to respect each other in a new way and really love on one another. It is sweet to watch this blooming friendship and completely touches my heart.
Long story short, Kaitlyn spent most of Tuesday with us and we had such a blast! I forgot to bring out my camera until the end…but I am SO glad I did.
Introducing “Kaitlyn and Dayla’s Dance Party”

And when they were tired we had a “night night party”. This was on their own…no help from me. I was just snapping pictures. These girls are too cute.

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