Making Cookies!

Daniel and I both love to cook/bake, so you can imagine our excitement that Dayla has already taken quite an interest in the kitchen. She already understands all the “rules” to the kitchen (knives are sharp, you have to ask before you come in …cause our kitchen is the size of a pea, etc) and asks to “help” almost everyday. She is actually a pretty great helper too. She can make her own sandwiches, is great at mixing things, and can even crack eggs without getting any shell in the bowl. It seems to makes sense that she would have an affinity to cooking since Daniel and I both spend a lot of time in there. Whatever the reason, we are loving it.
Daniel and I have both enlisted her help in the kitchen many times, and love to have her as our “sous chef”. The other night though was a little “first” that we had to document. We baked cookies all together, our first kitchen task as a whole family and our first time baking cookies with Dayla (usually I am baking bread or muffins). It was SO much fun and at the end we had delicious snicker doodles! Here is the documentation:

Enjoying her first set of beaters (above) and then attempting to role dough in a ball (below)

She enjoyed the dough so much, I caught her sneaking some out of the bowl!

Then Dad joined in on the fun!

Checking out the finished product…unsure what to think

The consumption. I think she liked the cookies….I was pretty sure I was going to get a smile on camera after she tasted them, but instead she just kept asking for more!

5 thoughts on “Making Cookies!”

  1. Lucky Dayla! i remember you use to make me chocolate free chocolate chip cookies and the beloved snicker doodle. Oh Dayla, how I envy thee. It’s so beautiful to see her grow, and it doesn’t feel like I’ve never met her because I feel very much a part of her life. Thanks

  2. G~ I spy a *pink* headband on you! It’s apparent how much fun you are all having together. What a great moment to capture.

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