Day to Day Tasks With a Dollop of Laughter

Often throughout the day I ask Dayla to “help” me do tasks around the house.  It usually means the task takes 3x as long, and leaves a big mess after, but we both love it.  It is fun for me to add a little chaos to the routine things of life, and fun for Dayla to feel like she is helping out.  Usually the “tasks” we do are things like unloading the dishwasher or putting away groceries or helping cook.

Tonight as I walked in the door from my yoga class I heard squeals of delight and little girl laughter.  I was excited to see what Daddy and Dayla were up to and quickly grabbed the camera.  Daddy had invited Dayla to experience (for the first time) washing dishes.  It was a HILARIOUS sight to be seen.  She was giggling with glee, alternating washing the pan with washing her tummy and her hair, and leaving the kitchen floor looking like a tsunami had entered our kitchen.

4 thoughts on “Day to Day Tasks With a Dollop of Laughter”

  1. Love the new site and how you let her make a mess! I see you like Palmolive too. Try the “Oxy” version. You’ll love it!

  2. Yes Christine…there are few things that I would be willing to advertise for (cause I believe they are the BEST) and Palmolive is one of them! I will have to check out “oxy”. 🙂

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