Sebastian’s Photo Shoot

When Dayla was little I wasn’t the owner of a photography business like I am now.  In fact it was her sweetness that made me want to open the business and capture other people’s little angels for them.

Although we took a ton of pictures of  Dayla, I was always a little sad that I never really did a photo shoot with her. In light of that, I knew I couldn’t let the opportunity pass me up twice.  Sebastian just reached my FAVORITE baby age (truly the best age for taking baby pictures if you ask me), so I couldn’t resist giving him his own little photo shoot.

I can’t put into words how my heart melts for this little guy.  Maybe your heart will melt for him too the way mine does when you see how he good he is for his Mama’s camera…


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six month old baby photography

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Here is hoping that he keeps on loving the camera and letting his Mom take lots more pictures!

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