And her name will be…

Dayla Marie Sundin

What is in a name?
When thinking of what to name your child the criteria for the perfect name seems like it could be endless. Every person I talk to seems to have different thoughts on what those criteria should be. I wish that I could write that for us it was different. I wish I could say that this was the perfect name and it just “came to us”, but the truth is that picking a name for a wonderful person you have not met yet is not an easy process. There was much deliberation involved. Well, “how did this one win?” you might ask? We liked it…it matched our criteria….and when saying it out loud it was the only name that seemed right.
A little more history…
“Dayla” is Hebrew in origin. Not biblical…but a cool Hebrew name we stumbled across when looking up biblical names. It is not a common name that most people have ever heard. Yet it is easy to say when you read it and hopefully for most people, easy to spell.
Her middle name is my (Ginette’s) middle name. My sister Suzanne told me when I first found out I was pregnant, that I was the 7th child in my family having the 7th grandchild. The coincidence does not stop there. The 7 grandchildren have gone in the exact same sex order as the 7 children. (so it was meant to be that our baby would be a girl!). Giving her my middle name just seemed like a neat way to pay homage to the Senasac family.
There you have it…no need to share if you don’t like it…we already bought a stone and carved it in. πŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “And her name will be…”

  1. i lovey dove dove it! :–) when i read it, i got a huge smile my face! That’s a good sign! nice job D&G. SEE, you’re being great parents already!

  2. Can’t wait to meet you! We will be the bestest of friends. I am sure you will be just as cute as your name is.

  3. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! and the background to the decision is a great story, thanks for sharing!
    – auntie therese

  4. very cool! good thing dad sundin said your middle name since i forgot! heheh I’m only thinking of a song because Dayla sounds like Daylight and daylight come and i wanna go homeeeee ( i don’t even know if i got the song right) anyhoo love the story

  5. I love her name and the way you stumbled upon it and chose it. You will be great parents! She has a strong name with you two to emulate she will be a strong person. Also grest initials!! πŸ˜‰

  6. Hey Kids, I’m thinking that since her name is Dayla, maybe her signature flower could be a Daylily. You could draw a little Daylily next to her name when you send out all her thank you notes. What do you think? Is that a cute idea or am I just being a silly grandma?

  7. Hi Ginette, Suzanne showed me your blog a while ago and I’ve been keeping up with your baby adventures. Congratulations! Welcome to mommyhood! Dayla is a great name, very original. Simple, yet one of a kind. Love it! Anyway… stop by our blog sometime

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