4th of July

Fourth of July was awesome.  My two sisters, Therese and Nicole, and Dayla’s cousin Adriana came down for the day to enjoy the local festivities here. It was a beautiful 75 degrees (instead of the 95 degrees last year was) and we had a blast at Old Poway Park once again.  $1 snow cones, period costumes, live music, train rides, train robbers, canon demonstrations, free crafts, and so much more. (Golly, I love Poway)

The guy in this picture below MADE this. How awesome is that?

This year we skipped the hustle and bustle and chaos of going to Poway High School for fireworks and just went up on our roof. We got to wave at our neighbors who were up on their roof and snuggle under the blankets. It was a great end to an otherwise perfect holiday.

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