Life Around Here

I LOVE summer. This summer has been cooler than usual, which just means it has been even more awesome than usual. Here are just some of the things we were up to this June:

Sebastian found the play kitchen in the beginning of June and now he loves (I mean LOVES) playing there every day:

Daniel made is first batch of jam; freezer jam. Strawberry, Strawberry Balsamic, and Blackberry Lavender. It was YUM.

And his first batch of pickles from our garden cucumbers:

Sebastian got a “brother blocker” made for him so that he too can enjoy some time in the clubhouse with Dayla (without us having a heart attack every time he nears the edge):

A little story behind the next pic: Sebastian has been eating foods for about 2 months now. He is extremely picky and “likes” almost nothing and “tolerates” a few things. He also seems to have a extremely sensitive gag reflex which just means that feeding him has been extremely tricky/limited/frustrating. Then one day just for fun I fed him garlic hummus. HE LOVED IT. He also sucked the juice out of one of Daddy’s homemade pickles and loved that too! Go figure. Sweets/fruits = no. Hummus and pickles = yes.

Here is his hummustache:

The end of June we ventured to the San Diego fair. Fair food, garden exhibits and animals are always our favorite stops. This year was the first year Dayla WANTED to ride a ride! Her first ride ever at the fair:

And that is what life around here has been like so far this summer.


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