Brotherly-Sisterly Love

I LOVE having two kids.  I cannot tell you how many days (and how many times each day) I thank God for this blessing.  And the by far the BEST part about it by far is how much they adore each other right now.


  • goes in his room each time he wakes up so she can say hi first
  •  loves to make him laugh
  • loves to set up “trails” of toys for him to follow
  • helps feed him (sometimes)
  • if she is the last to wake up in the morning she will always say hi to him first before she says hi to me or daddy
  • plays with him in the car to make him stop crying
  • gets upset if a friend hurts him (is quick to defend him)
  • delights in dressing him up in things
  • hates (and I mean HATES) being in pictures, but if her brother is in it, she will jump in to be with him!
  • and pretty much laughs at any silly thing he does


  • laughs at Dayla far faster and far more regularly then he laughs at me or his dad
  • and pretty much wants to follow Dayla wherever she goes.

Here are some of my favorite captures of this love:

The toy trail:

Sebastian will sit in here the entire time she takes a bath (sometimes 30 min or more):

And lastly, the love:

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