Website Change

After 3 years Baby Meatball has gotten a facelift.

We moved from our old blog software (Movable Type) to this new blog software (WordPress) because it’s the same one we use at Sundin Photography and is much more flexible.

We also wanted to expand the width of the page so we could post larger Dayla pictures. Ginette designed the layout and chose the new color theme. She said it was because green is her favorite color (I knew that) and orange is mine (news to me). Well, I guess I do have an orange car… saffron if you want to be picky about it.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the new layout. We sure do.

7 thoughts on “Website Change”

  1. I love the Baby Meatball facelift! Very nice. Plus the pictures of Dayla are darling. The bubbles on the tummy remind me of Dayla’s last visit with us. She was sitting in the high chair eating her yogurt while I was tidying up the kitchen. I guess I got pretty involved in my tasks & forgot to glance over at Dayla. (She was being pretty quiet.) When I did look she had yogurt smeared all over her face, hair & arms and she was pretty excited about it! That’s what I get for not paying attention. The next step was a bath of course.

  2. Hey wait a minute! Isn’t there a way for me to comment & have my picture come up instead of Steve’s? He doesn’t at all look like a “Grandma Sundin”!

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