The Garden 2012

This is our second year with the garden. I have officially realized this year that I am NOT into gardening, so pretty much everything you see is thanks to my amazing husband. I do love the harvesting though…and walking out every day and seeing it. Just these pictures give me the world’s biggest smile.

An overall view :

Some details:

Pumpkins are being trained to grow up on the roof! ROOF PUMPKINS!

Some of the bounty so far this year:

Lettuce and Berries (Beginning of May)

Kale (May)

Garlic (harvested in June)

Strawberries (June)

Cucumbers (June/July)

Tomatoes starting to come (July)

Right now we also have a lot that is green. So in the next month we hope to see our pumpkins, squash, tomatoes, young berries, watermelons, and peppers. Will have to do an end of summer blog post to show off those. 😉

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