Big healthy baby….itty bitty living space

It is funny how context is everything. I had a doctor’s appointment on the 18th of this month that threw me into a worried panic. The doctor routinely measured my stomach and said the dreaded words “I am worried”. Had that “worry” been in any other situation I might have written it off and thought it was no big deal. (I am a very relaxed person. Not a “worry-wart” as my mom used to call it). But everyone told me that when you are pregnant it changes you. Apparently that is true. The reality of realizing that you have a life in your hands becomes all too real and true when you hear that something is not right. So when she told me that I was measuring too small and that she was concerned about the baby’s health…but not too worry….I worried.
God willing we got an ultrasound appointment today even though the next appointment opening wasn’t until July 13th…and today my worries were once again subsided. It was so astounding to see the baby one more time in the womb….being able to see all the heart chambers and the spine and the brain….all working just perfectly….what a miracle. They measured my amniotic fluid and uterus and all looks well! As we were ending our appointment the doctor came in to assure us that all was fine. She said with a big grin and slight chuckle…”in fact it is the exact opposite then we thought…it looks like you are going to have a big baby! She is already measuring at 5 1/2 pounds!” I will add in here…I still have 8 weeks left and the baby can grow up to a 1/2 pound a week from here on out! So there you go…I might look small from the outside…but I can assure you she is making herself big and comfortable on my inside.
BIG healthy baby…itty bitty living space! Praise God!

5 thoughts on “Big healthy baby….itty bitty living space”

  1. I’m happy to hear Dayla is doing just fine. Although, knowing that the baby will be big will also cause me to worry.

  2. YOU are worried? Hehe. I am the one who wants to push her out! 🙂 I know…is it selfish to ask God not to make her too big now? I feel so picky. 🙂

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