A Party Fit For a Princess- Dayla’s 5th Birthday Party

This year was a bit different: she really wanted her OWN party, and she really wanted it to be a PINK PRINCESS PARTY. Of course if you were at my baby shower for her (where I requested that nothing be pink or girl-y) you know that eyes rolled a bit when she requested a pink princess party, but then I got excited when I saw all the pink princess things in the dollar bins. 😉

I made peace with the whole “princess” thing a while back when I made the connection that God, according to 1 Timothy 6:15, is the “king of kings”, which does in fact make all of his daughters princesses! So instead of this party being a Disney princess party, it was focused on us being God’s princesses. Win for girl and win for mom.

The invitation read:

“If God is our king, then we know that every little girl is truly a princess.

You are invited to Dayla’s Princess Tea Party where all princesses are invited to celebrate her 5th birthday. Please bring your eldest girl dressed in whatever outfit makes her feel the most like a princess. Drop her off for royal tea at the castle, and have her coach come back for pick her up after tea time, princess lessons, and story time are complete.”

The 3 hours couldn’t have gone any better. It was by far the easiest (and cheapest!) party I have thrown yet, and every single girl a one point told me that it was “the best party”. Dayla got to invite 5 of her girlfriends (a tough decision to narrow down!) to have tea served by this big girl princess, followed by story reading, a manners game, dancing, and of course cake and presents. In brief: it was a total success!

Gifts, the reading corner, and the party favors that each princess got on arrival.

We started the party with a reading of a book on manners:

Then we used all of our manners at the princess tea. I so wished I had a video camera going during this tea party, you should have heard all the polite words and kindness! It was beyond adorable!

(All the food was a “wand” of some kind and if you look closely I think you can see the girls turning each other into something in the picture above)

Then we had to use up some of that 5 year old energy, so I thought a freeze dance game to princess music was appropriate. The best part: immediately after I turned on the music, each girl found a partner and started to ballroom dance. This was not suggested by me, it just happened. If this doesn’t prove that each girl has an inner princess innately, I don’t know what does!

I read another story about how God our king will always love us…

And then time for cake and gifts!

Yes, Dayla’s princess outfit was a little too much for her to handle on the 95 degree day, but what I love about these pictures below is that it shows how she really wanted each girl to help her open her gifts because SHE always wants to help others open their gifts when she goes to their parties. I thought that was pretty thoughtful for a 5 year old. 😉

What a day! It was a total delight to see all these girls use their manners and be such good friends to each other. I know that we are beyond blessed to have such princesses in our little girl’s life.

5 thoughts on “A Party Fit For a Princess- Dayla’s 5th Birthday Party”

  1. I love how you carried out the princess theme! The table was set so beautifully. You seemed to have fun, but you obviously did a lot of work…visionary, decorator, cook, baker, princess, story teller, DJ, photographer…and of course Mom! Great job!

  2. You are the best mom and the best sport ever for getting so into that party. You are officially hired to host my kid’s next party. And loving the dress, takes me back to 1997 big time:-)

  3. So So amazing and cute! Great job mom! I think you did so many things right to make it a success! Happy Birthday D and thanks for the note to H! Love you all!

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