Tooth Fairy

Dayla lost her first tooth! On August 7th her first baby tooth fell out and mom spent the night making a little tooth bag to put under her pillow.

We decided a while ago that we were not going to pretend that the Tooth Fairy is real, but knowing how much fun it is for a child, we did have to do all the usual tooth fairy rituals! The “Tooth Fairy” came while she was sleeping and left under her pillow this little bag with a note and a 50 cent piece.

(We just told her that it was really mom or dad pretending to be the Tooth Fairy…so I apologize in advance if my daughter ruins any of the mystery/pretend/magic for your child!)

Despite the fact that she knew it was really me, you should have seen her excitement the next morning: pure joy. These are definitley the moments that make parenting the best gig in the world.

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