Last Saturday was our third and final baby shower. Erin threw us a shower at my work, Beth and Kristy threw us a San Diego shower, and my Mom and Kristy just threw us a Whittier shower. We have some very, very generous family and friends that we are very thankful for.
In the picture below you can see our “office” which is now a full fledged baby room. We have the crib, dresser, recliner, bumble bee themed decorations, oodles of clothes, toys, hand-made blankets, and cute little shoes (also pictured below).
We still have a couple large items to buy like the big stroller and car seat but the abundance of gift cards to Target and Babies R Us will cover those.
I know that Ginette will write heart felt, individualized thank you notes to each person who has given us something (and hopefully sign my name next to hers). I know she is keeping a list.
Before that happens I just wanted to shout a big thank you to all the wonderful people in our lives. Hopefully we will be able to reciprocate that love in the next month with a cute baby for all of you to poke.

4 thoughts on “Loot!”

  1. Hi Ginette,
    Bailey is getting a new front-facing carseat this week. Let me know if you want her baby carrier/carseat/2 bases. E-mail me either way. Talk to you soon!

  2. I didn’t think I would ever hear my son say “oodles” as in “oodles of clothes”. Have you become domesticated?

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