God Listens Part Two: Yet Another Sebastian Update

Sebastian’s last urology appointment left me speechless. Shocked. I have asked you for prayer time and time again, yes YOU, all of you out there…

this time God said “yes”.

God hears all of our prayers, every single one. He answers them all too. He finally said YES to our prayer. YES YES YES. Thank you, thank you so much Lord.

Better. I won’t go into all the terminology again, all the big medical jargon and details you can find here if you so desire, but for the sake of our sanity, just think “better”; not totally healed, just better.

In March, Sebastian’s urethra and ureter were “the same”, which was “not normal but not problematic”. This was good news. GOOD. This time the urologist got to say, “His urethra and ureter are looking BETTER. We are heading in the right direction!” This news is GREAT.GREAT.NEWS.

This pretty much sums up how we feel on the matter:

Amazing. Thank you Lord. I am humbled. You gave us a gift. Thank you. Please keep healing our baby.

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